Florida Jet Charter Testimonials

Your satisfaction as a passenger is very important to us, and our crew works hard to make sure every trip is a peaceful, convenient and luxurious one. It's always exciting for us to get great feedback from our clients, and we've created this page to showcase all the best reviews we've gotten from clients who have filled out our comment cards or placed their thoughts online on our Google Places page.

We welcome anything you have to share about your recent trip with our company. You can share your reviews on the linked page above, or send it to us so that it can be showcased on our testimonial page. We'd like to thank everyone who shared their thoughts. We will continue to offer the best service we possibly can.

Jet Charter Comment Cards & Email Reviews

Excellent-plus score on every measure from the cleanliness of the aircraft to the quality of the catering. Truly an extremely positive experience. The pilot and co-pilot deserve a superior rating. Thank you! This means a lot to me. NA — December 2012
Excellent crew. Very professional & personable. Loved the cheese tray & wine. GO & PL — October 2013
As a frequent but uneasy flier, I felt the crew did an amazing job keeping the entire experience comfortable and enjoyable. Thank you! JM — Feb 2015
Superb! Will do it again! Our "girls" think it's purrfect! Seventh heaven! (Note: We do allow cats and other pets on our flights. This client was pleased with the amenities available to keep his pets calm and happy.) KC — Nov 2013
I had a wonderful flight to Naples, today! The crew were very good. Someone took my luggage immediately on arrival, and they gave me all the weather information I needed to know what to expect from the flight. I will be flying with them again for my return trip next week. M — Oct 2014
Clean aircraft, professional crew and great catering! We will use Florida Jet again! Thank you! Mr & Mrs F — May 2014
We have to give full marks in every category of service. Nothing was below our standards. Lovely as always! The B — St. Paddy's Day 2014
Their private flight crew was excellent, they were very attentive. I felt very comfortable during my one-way flight, from takeoff in Fort Lauderdale to arrival in New York. Will most definitely use their empty legs service again now that I'm a subscriber. Sincerely, ML — Jan 2013

If you have questions about our services, or are interested in flying with us, we encourage you to contact us here.