The number one priority at Florida Jet is SAFETY. We take all precautions to ensure that both our aircraft and our pilots meet the highest safety standards and receive comprehensive training. Our commitment to safety paired with our stringent in-house training programs ensures that safety remains our primary focus while providing unmatched first class service to our customers. In addition to exceeding all Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) standards and requirements, Florida Jet Service is audited annually by the Aviation Research Group, known as ARG/US.

Training Standards

Florida Jet Service's initial training includes 32 hours of basic subjects applicable to all aircraft, company and crew, 8 hours of emergency procedures, 72 hours of aircraft specific ground school, 2 hours of HAZMAT training and 24 hours of flight time in the actual aircraft. All pilots must also complete annual recurrent Learjet full motion simulator training and ground school conducted at CAE SimuFlite Dallas.

Required training is supplemented with annual in-house instruction on topics including company manuals, weather, CRM, emergency egress and hazardous material identification and handling. This content level of training ensures our pilots are at the top of their abilities and skill levels.


To receive a copy of our Air Carrier Certificate, Operations Specifications, DOT Certificate and Drug Program Certificate, please call 954.772.0778.