Empty Legs

Sometimes we need to fly a client one way, and that means we have an empty cabin available for people in that area who may be interested in flying back to or from our home airport in Miami. These are called ‘empty leg’ flights, and these flights are available at significant discounts. It’s your opportunity to enjoy a last-minute private jet experience at only a fraction of the price.

Call ahead for information on when private jet empty leg charter flights may become available. They are usually available along the following routes.

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FROM/TO Aircraft Passengers NOTES
FXE - Your Destination
Eurocopter 6 Think of us for a great sightseeing flight.

/ Your destination
Learjet 55 7 Beautiful Lear 55 ready to go.
/ Your Destination
Gulfstream III 12 Gorgeous 12 Passenger GIII ready to go.
DUJ - Dubois, PA 04/20-21
/ FXE - Fort Lauderdale
Learjet 55 7 Please call today for great price.

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To book a empty leg private jet flight for yourself, or to be notified when these flights are available, please contact us here. Answers to common questions about private jet charters, empty leg jet charters, or other related topics can be found below, and we’re happy to take any other questions you have by email.

Frequently Asked Questions
about Empty Legs

  • Are your services such as catering and transportation available on empty leg charters?


    Not all of the services we offer are available on empty leg flights. However, in almost all cases, we’ll do whatever possible to make sure our empty leg clients have access to the best possible experiences. We may be able to help you make arrangements for the perks you need.

  • How do I book an empty leg flight?


    The flights are not available at all times, so there is no exact schedule for when these flights will be available. Instead, you will need to contact us, so that we can add you to the list of clients we notify when there is an empty leg flight that can be booked. Our charters are very busy, so it’s likely you’ll be able to find one close to the dates that you need to be leaving.

  • Who can benefit from empty leg flight?


    Empty leg flights are the perfect option for anyone who wants the premium experience of a private flight without the high costs. Our last minute private jet deals offer you that. Though you’ll need to be flexible with your schedule, choosing an empty leg flight for an anniversary, party or other special event will allow you to save a lot on your budget.