Experience matters when it comes to flying, and for more than 25 years, we've flown our passengers to the most in-demand destinations around the United States. No matter if you're traveling for business or pleasure—we have the right aircraft, crew, accommodations and perks to make your trip a perfect one.

Our planes are our own, so we have the freedom to pilot them from our base in the Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport to almost anywhere in the world on the schedule that our clients need. We have special experience with the challenges and requirements presented by these following popular routes.

Top Routes

Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport (FXE) - NY Area

New York City is a particularly popular destination for our business clients. There are a variety of airports we can fly you to if you are interested in a charter flight from Florida to New York.

NY Area - FXE

Charter a flight from New York to Florida, and enjoy the superior ride that comes with pilots who are very experienced with this particular connection.

FXE - Aspen

Charter a flight from Florida to Aspen when you’re looking for some leisure time. We can fly you to public and private airports in the Aspen area.

Aspen - FXE

Return charters from Aspen to Florida are also available when you’re returning from Aspen, or flying to Florida for some sunnier vacation weather.

FXE - Santa Barbara

Charter a flight from Florida to Santa Barbara! This gorgeous destination is popular with our leisure travelers, but is also a quiet drop-off point to do business in LA without worrying about the air traffic and delays there.

Santa Barbara - FXE

Charter a flight from Santa Barbara to Florida to return home or to experience the sun on the Atlantic or Gulf of Mexico. We’ll get you there comfortably.

FXE - Las Vegas

Charter a flight from Florida to Las Vegas to experience one of the most exciting cities in the US. Our pilots can give you the true executive experience before you even reach the City of Lights.

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